Satish Jindel - President

Satish has 30 years’ domain industry experience and was a key founding member of RPS, now FedEx Ground. In 2000, Satish founded ShipMatrix, the first company to help shippers leverage billions of dollars invested in IT by carriers to optimize operations and technology to reduce transportation spend and enhance customer experiences. He has three masters’ degrees, including an MBA from Wharton.

Robert Persuit - Director of Business Development

Robert brings 40 years of transportation experience to ShipMatrix, which includes 15 years in parcel carrier operations management at UPS, RPS/FedEx Ground, and Emery Worldwide Airline (USPS Contract). With ShipMatrix Robert has helped companies with transportation budgets of $250k – $1B optimize their spending.

Rich Stein - Director of Business Development

Rich has over 30 years of knowledge of all major parcel manifesting systems including K-ship, Javlin, Connectship, and CLS. Rich supports the parcel manifesting and analytical needs of both small and large enterprise customers of ShipMatrix to reduce transportation costs and improve operational execution.

Randy McClure - IT Director

Randy McClure has 25 years of experience in developing IT logistics solutions across all industries and Government. This has included supply chain execution and data analytics systems for transportation management, shipment visibility, warehousing, procurement, carrier management, managed file transfers, and B2B / B2C communications

Mark D'Amico - Consultant

Mark has extensive experience with data analytics, evaluating RFP bid proposals and network optimization for clients in North America, Europe, and Asia. He also leverages ShipMatrix’s database of billions of parcels to provide OTP for UPS, FedEx, USPS, and other carriers to media. Mark has an M.A in Economics and is an adjunct professor of Statistics.

John Reitter - Database Manager

John has 25 years of managerial and hands-on experience creating and implementing innovative technology solutions with expertise in database design and administration, IT infrastructure, software performance assessments, EDI, Business Intelligence, and Quality Assurance. 

Deepthi Kottari - Application Development Manager

Deepthi has 10 years of experience in developing Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Analytics solutions. She works closely with customers in their on-boarding, solutions design, custom development, financial analytical reporting, and rating solutions.  She has a Master’s Degree in Data Analytics.

Karen Miller - Solutions Executive

Karen’s career in the transportation industry began with RPS, which eventually developed into FedEx Ground.  She has 20 years of sales experience in helping customers gain better visibility into their parcel spend and improving their customer experience.