ShipMatrix Customer Experience Solutions

ShipMatrix offers the Most Positive Customer Experience

  • Accurate ETA, reason for delay, when and where delivered
  • Integration with carriers
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Promotion of complementary products
  • Reporting and monitoring capabilities
  • ShipMatrix Exclusive: Get new sale from a delivery problem


Why ShipMatrix has 1,000+ Customers

You are the go-to partner in the complex world of parcel.
We are better stewards of our business with powerful combination of ShipMatrix and SJC.
Fantastic [for customized reports]. - Shaklee Corp.
Your knowledge and industry insight is second to none. - Parker Hannifin Corp.
You guys are awesome [for responsiveness]. - Summit Racing

ShipMatrix has the Most Extensive Industry Expertise

  • Knowledge of 2,700+ exceptions for flawless execution to meet delivery expectation
  • Best ability to predict delivery date and provide delivery times
  • ShipMatrix is the media resource for OTP during Christmas shopping season
  • Direct access to executives at FedEx, DHL, UPS, USPS, TNT and regional carriers around the globe for API support
Your understanding of the market and its customers was invaluable. - Dan Sullivan, Founder and CEO of FedEx Ground
Your understanding of the industry is second to none. - John Mullen, CEO of DHL Express

Complexity in Providing ETA

  • SM has been parsing/analyzing tracking status since 2000. Our database is normalized by category to inform customer of potential delivery delays while considering factors such as:
    • Time of Year: Peak/non-peak
    • Destination Zip Code
    • Customer specific commit/cut off times
  • Processed 15+ billion delivery status since 2010
  • SM can provide delivery status managing billions of scans using complex algorithm

Exception Handling

  • Orders can be delayed for weather, address issues, missed flight, incorrectly sorted and much more…
  • ShipMatrix captures over 2,700 exception messages
  • We have decades of hands-on experience in the parcel industry and understand how exceptions will or will not impact the expected delivery date

Specific Delivery Times

  • Data warehouse on billions of parcels delivered for unmatched capability to provide notice of delivery within 4 hours
  • Notifications via email or SMS

Delivery Confirmation

  • Within 15 minutes of delivery notify customer of delivery location to ensure the parcel is picked up
  • Supports confirmation image of package at doorstep (when offered)
  • Reduces theft and damage