Combining advanced shipment analytics with world-class consulting services to drive shipping operation efficiency.

Whether you ship 50 pieces a day or 50,000, ShipMatrix will enable you to better manage your shipping operation with unparalleled visibility and predictive analytics across a wide variety of domestic and international carriers.  

Access to Unparalleled Expertise and Insights

We provide access to deep industry and functional expertise in the transportation and logistics industry, allowing our clients to dramatically improve the performance of their shipping operations.

Praised for our ability to remain ahead of the curve, ShipMatrix offers a mix of innovative shipment analytical tools and forward-thinking consulting services that enable clients to achieve greater efficiency, eliminate overspending, and improve customer and carrier relationships through greater shipment visibility.

There is no substitute for knowing an industry inside and out. ShipMatrix draws upon decades of direct, front-line experience as well as deep industry knowledge to ensure our clients’ success.

Over $5 Billion Processed Annually

For over 15 years, ShipMatrix has been delivering unmatched results for organizations of all sizes, across all industries.

With greater shipment visibility comes the opportunity to reduce your annual parcel spend up to 10%, recouping your investment in ShipMatrix in as short as 2-3 months. While the insights derived from the ShipMatrix shipment visibility platform can be used to negotiate better rates with carriers, the real cost savings come from addressing weaknesses within your shipping operation.

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Turning Data into Actionable Insights

With ShipMatrix, you can make smarter, faster decisions to boost the performance of your shipping operation. Whether you have 1 location or 1,000, it has never been easier to aggregate all of your shipping data in one place and derive deep insights.

With the right data, you can find hidden opportunities you didn't know existed. Discover key insights that reduce or eliminate wasteful spending and establish internal benchmarking for future measurement.


Exceeding Customer Expectations Since 2000...

We truly believe we are years ahead of our competition because of the many enhances made [by ShipMatrix] over the last ten years.

Major Apparel Supplier
VP of Transportation

We also noted once again in 2019 that ShipMatrix projections concerning shipping company on time performance during the holidays were a reference for news media and industry-watchers. You have established a unique position as a source of perspective that helps the entire industry. We appreciate your role in educating the news media and we applaud your efforts to bring clarity to some of the outrageous claims made by others…

UPS Executive
February 2020

I believe the unique blend of industry insight, flexibility, and execution continues to distinguish ShipMatrix as the premier shipment visibility technology.

Satellite Navigation Company
Director of Transportation