Our industry experts accelerate the value of ShipMatrix and empower you to drive greater shipping operational efficiency.

ShipMatrix was developed by the leading transportation and logistics consulting firm — SJ Consulting Group. Decades of experience in transportation, logistics, and data analytics serve as the foundation of our consulting services. Highly skilled consultants work alongside you to help you gain both immediate and long-term value from your ShipMatrix investment. We partner with you to understand your needs and goals and to help you chart an optimal path to success.

Service Analysis

Our Service Analysis is perfect for obtaining an independent, third-party review of carrier performance & variation in on-time delivery by region, by customer, by specific time period, and by shipping location. Also, it also highlights reasons for variability including those that are being contributed by your own shipping department. Our thorough analysis includes a variety of reports to meet your individual needs, including:

  • Reasons for less than 100% on-time delivery
  • Actionable items for the elimination of service failures
  • Saver Report for shipping at lower-cost without compromising speed
  • Proof of delivery report
  • Shipping charges eligible for refund (if important to you)

Our in-depth analysis empowers your operations to make improvements, reduce costs, and strengthen the customer-carrier relationship.

Rate Analysis

Fusing the power of ShipMatrix Enterprise and the invaluable insight of highly-skilled transportation consultants, our rate analysis will help optimize parcel and LTL delivery rates & services. ShipMatrix adds significant value to your operations by reviewing carrier invoices and services, uncovering ways of improving shipping costs with consideration to the growing number of accessorial charges and carrier services options.

Operational Tune-Up

ShipMatrix transportation consultants provide guidance operational advice for optimal performance. Experience higher on-time service and reduce accessorial charges. We use the power of information to take costs out of the system for shippers and carriers.

Custom Reports

Need something a bit more custom? We offer tailored reporting solutions to fit your individualized needs, delivering increased operational visibility. ShipMatrix provides the tools to fully understand everything and anything about your shipping operation.

Contract Negotiations

As an ally and advisor in the contract negotiation process, ShipMatrix gives you insight and information to move forward with confidence. We’ll run a thorough analysis, help develop the strategy, and be an advocate throughout the negotiation process. Additionally, when all the bids are in, we can analyze and benchmark the firms to aid in your decision.

Invoice Reports

Bring clarity to the increasing complexity in Parcel & LTL carrier invoices & contracts. ShipMatrix demystifies the intricacies by delivering the information you need to know. Get the data that’s important to you and your needs.

Understanding Shipment Characteristics

As carriers deploy information technology to unbundle pricing and levy surcharges, shippers can utilize business intelligence tools to gain a better understanding of their shipment characteristics. This increased visibility, for optimal service and carrier selection, will improve day-to-day shipping operations and transportation budgets.