Case Studies

ShipMatrix has customers from all verticals, from pharmaceuticals to retail to manufacturing to technology, and in all 50 states, including Alaska and Hawaii. Our high rate of customer retention is a testament to the quality of our products and most importantly our people. We work hard to maintain the highest standard of service for you, the customer.

The proof is in the numbers…read on for some of our greatest successes!

Carrier Substitution

ShipMatrix reviews customer invoice reports periodically and will alert customers to cost savings opportunities when available. One such review identified a customer was paying minimum charges ($4.20 in 2008) on 80% of all Ground deliveries:

  • ShipMatrix suggested that the client explore Parcel/USPS hybrid services.
  • ShipMatrix assisted in RFQ, impact analysis, and implementation.
  • The customer saved over $4.00 per package on lightweight B2C shipments.
  • Total 2009 savings was more than $1 million.


For another customer, ShipMatrix reviewed its invoice reports and found in one month the customer paid “Chargeback” fees on over 4,200 packages for more than $20,000.


Chargeback Ground Commercial 4,272 $20,518.97
  • ShipMatrix discovered the customer was using obsolete collect/3rd Party account numbers and worked with the shipper and carrier to get the corrected account numbers eliminating these charges of over $240,000 annually.

Declared Value

ShipMatrix discovered a shipper was paying over $150,000 annually in declared value charges but had not filed declared value claims in over one year.

Declared Value 3,242 $13,379.05
  • ShipMatrix proposed the customer self-insure or take 3rd party parcel insurance at much lower rates.

Waiver Not Honored

A new shipper with a contract waiver for SVCH fees was charged $15,000 in one week for SVCH fees. ShipMatrix alerted the customer to the error – $780,000 annualized.

Wrong Rates Loaded by Carrier

  • Example 1 – A first-rate variance report was provided by a new customer to the carrier. The carrier realized they had incorrectly loaded the customer’s rates – the carrier came in with a check the next week for $250,000 and apologized for the oversight.
  • Example 2 – The first rating for 2010 for a customer revealed over $100,000 in overcharges for the first month of shipping. The carriers quickly made the rate corrections and thanked the shipper for the quick identification of the variances so that the overcharges were limited to 2 weeks.