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Frequently Asked Questions

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In addition to national carriers, including United Parcel Service Express, Ground and Freight, FedEx Express, Ground (formerly RPS), and Freight, DHL, Purolator, and United States Postal Service, we also support regional services, including OnTrac & Speedy.

The software works on the following operating system: Windows 7 or higher.  Any hardware that can run an application on the listed operating systems at an acceptable performance level can run ShipMatrix. An Internet connection is required, and as with any Internet connection, the faster the better. It is designed to run on a workstation in the corporate network or stand-alone PC.

We use carrier invoice data. An interface has been created to the UPS Worldship system, FedEx Powership®, and the DHL Libra™ system.

If your shipping system can output the basic shipping information into a computer file, either through the use of a report writer or data query tool, then you can use ShipMatrix.

Yes. The ShipMatrix program can process collect shipments when the shipping database lacks the vendor’s ship date.

You can e-mail us the database file from your shipping system and we can process a group of records for you as a trial run. Simply contact us at 724.934.9400 and we will send you instructions on how to proceed.

An integral part of the ShipMatrix program is to check for such contingency conditions before every tracking session. Service level change by zip codes and National holidays observed by the carriers are constantly updated within the program. ShipMatrix incorporates exemption conditions for bad weather, thus assuring extremely accurate refund filing, as well as giving the shipper feedback about unusual circumstances in the delivery process.

ShipMatrix automatically identifies late deliveries that are “eligible” for a refund and generates a request to the carriers in an acceptable format.

ShipMatrix Software requires only minutes per week to start tracking and then it runs without operator intervention. When complete, you have only to print the reports and mail them to the carrier.

The ShipMatrix Enterprise version lets you export the shipping data details to a comma-delimited ASCII text file or directly to a Microsoft Access 97/2000 database. Using these tools, you can create your own analysis and reports. If you want a more push-button approach to specialized reporting, ShipMatrix can create custom executable stand-alone reports for you.