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ShipMatrix, Inc. has noticed other cloud hosting providers have a difficult time providing quick and satisfactory customer service.

Not only that but there is little clarity with where your data is being stored and what it is being used for. Another problem with large cloud hosting companies is the confusing pricing models.

At ShipMatrix, we offer exceptional and quick customer service. You can reach us via call or email at any time of day. You can also stop by in person and see where your data is and feel confident that we are taking care of your information.

With our pricing plans, you tell us what you want, and we get it done.

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The backup generator keeps the data center running in case of loss of power from the municipal power grid.

Uninterruptable Power Supply helps to protect the servers from power surges as well as aid in a smooth transition


Nimble storage array encrypted using AES-NI, providing secure data with minimal impact to performance.

All physical equipment is kept behind three locked doors.


All Virtual Machine packages come standard with HPE Nimble SSD storage.

SSD with up to 1.2 million IOPS at sub-ms latency.

A new all-flash array platform that is up to 65% faster and twice the scalability of previous all-flash arrays.

99.9999% (six-nines) guaranteed availability.


Internet speeds up to 1Gbps.

Redundant physical connections prevent downtime in the event of hardware issues.


Custom server specs with:
Memory up to 100 GB
Storage up to 4 TB
Processors up to 16 cores
Multiple Network Cards

All servers support up to Windows Server 2016.

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