What is ShipMatrix 1st Class Parcel Service?

ShipMatrix 1st Class Parcel Service offers the same great service through USPS First Class but with the ShipMatrix guarantee and technology! Packages delivered after five days of acceptance receive free shipping – automatically (with few exceptions). Additionally, through ShipMatrix’s reporting platform, you’ll have instant visibility into your shipping operation, on-time performance, and customer-facing solutions to enhance their delivery experience.

Why Introduce This Service Now?

2020 peak season will result in demand for online orders exceeding capacity by 7.2 million parcels per day. To help retailers whose pickup volume is being capped by FedEx and UPS, ShipMatrix is leveraging the U.S. Postal Service network which is best positioned to handle this excess demand. With deliveries to 159 million addresses every day and with over 2/3 of all residential parcels being under 5 pound and low cube that can be delivered to the mailboxes, the Postal Service can handle the parcels being refused by FedEx and UPS.

Year-Round Guarantee for Service Refund

While both UPS and FedEx have suspended their guarantees throughout the COVID-19 pandemic as they have historically done throughout holiday peak seasons, the ShipMatrix guarantee will remain in effect throughout the year.

Automatic Guarantee for Service Refund

The refund will be provided automatically to the shipper in the event of service failure, which is a value-add not currently offered by any carrier or entity in the parcel industry. This eliminates the need to file for refunds with the carriers and the time and hassle involved in doing so. Additionally, ShipMatrix will monitor the performance so the shippers don’t have to.

Avoid Accessorial, Fuel, and Peak Season Surcharges

Users of UPS and FeEx Ground Residential services are hit with Residential Surcharges on every package, and DAS charges on about 25 percent. Additionally, large shippers will be subject to per package charges between $1.00 and $4.00 throughout this years peak season, compared to only $0.24 per package using USPS First Class

Billing at Ounces Rates

USPS First Class rates are priced on a basis such that shippers pat a different rate for a 3-ounce compared to a 14-ounce package. UPS and FedEx Ground services and per pound SurePost/SmartPost rates do not recognize the differential in package weight on a per ounce basis; utilization of First Class more optimally aligns the shipment weight with the rate.

Increased Capacity

ShipMatrix 1st Class focuses on parcels that fit inside a mailbox matches the networks for USPS, FedEx, and UPS to the parcels most efficient and cost-effective for each. USPS has the lowest cost for the delivery of a parcel that can be put in a mailbox. Similarly, FedEx and UPS generate higher revenue and profit from leaving a 10 pound rather than a 10-ounce parcel at the front door of a residence. This matching allows all three carriers to handle more parcels within their constrained network capacity.

Avoid Many Surcharges

There will be residential surcharges, no remote address surcharge, no fuel surcharge, no charge for address correction, no weekly pickup fee and no excessive peak period surcharge.

Billing by Ounce

The rates for less than one pound parcels will be priced by the ounce which can result in substantial cost savings when charged by minimum of one pound.

Automatic Money-back Guarantee

ShipMatrix will monitor the performance for all parcels shipped via this Service, and issue credit automatically for parcels delivered in more than 5 days. So, retailers will avoid the cost of monitoring and filing for refund for service failures and can provide predictability for delivery on online orders to their customers.

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ShipMatrix 1st Class offers the same great service through USPS First Class but with the ShipMatrix Guarantee! Any package delivered over five days after shipping receives free shipping, some exceptions apply such as weather and addressing problems. Additionally, through ShipMatrix’s reporting platform you’ll have instant visibility into your shipping operation.

If you need additional capacity and are shipping under 1lb then ShipMatrix First Class can save you money!

Are you utilizing other carriers? For the first 90 days you can get complete shipment visibility into your UPS, FedEx or DHL packages as well!

We’ll need to get some basic information such as shipping locations to configure your manifest system to print ShipMatrix First Class labels. Contact a sales representative today at (724) 934-9400 ext. 3.