About ShipMatrix

ShipMatrix, started in 2000, was the first to help shippers leverage the billions in information technology being spent by the parcel carriers for improvement of their own shipping operations to reduce cost and improve service to their customers. ShipMatrix is staffed by people who played a critical role in the successful startup of RPS (now FedEx Ground) and have influenced many of the changes in the parcel industry including guaranteeing the ground service in 1998. In addition, it was the first to expose that the carriers were billing shippers for manifested but not shipped parcels. ShipMatrix team can take credit to have saved billions of dollars for shippers from such changes in the parcel industry.

Quick Facts


Over $5 billion in annual parcel spend processed


Over 1,200 active EDI interfaces supported


Parcels shipped from over 90,000 shipping locations


94 % customer retention, saving shippers billions

Sister Company - SJ Consulting Group

A sister company of ShipMatrix, SJ Consulting Group, Inc. focuses on providing strategy, marketing, pricing, merger and acquisition, and operational advice to businesses within the transportation and logistics industries. Through our partnership with SJ Consulting, in addition to our software solutions, we can provide detailed strategic analysis to clients including but not limited to transportation cost impact scenarios and DC relocation. To learn more about SJ Consulting Group, please visit the website at www.jindel.com.