Customer First Philosophy

With many features customers want, ShipMatrix is focused on making sure your customers have the best shipping experience.

  • Accurate ETA, the reason for delays, when and where delivered
  • Integration with carriers
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Promotion of complementary products
  • Reporting and monitoring capabilities
  • ShipMatrix Exclusive: Get new sales from delivery problems

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Specific Delivery Times

ShipMatrix’s data warehouse stores data on billions of parcels which make for an unmatched capability to provide notice of delivery within 4 hours. Always know when you’re receiving a shipment with email or SMS notifications.

Delivery Confirmation

Offering the customer a “Within 15 minutes of delivery” notification to ensure the specific location where the parcel is dropped off. Also supports a confirmation image (when offered) when the parcel has been delivered. Delivery confirmation notifications reduce the amount of theft and damage to your parcels.

Removing the Guess-Work

Orders can be delayed by weather, address issues, missed flights, incorrect sorting, and much more… ShipMatrix has you covered

ShipMatrix is able to capture over



We have decades of hands-on experience in the parcel industry and understand how exceptions will or will not impact the expected delivery date, so we can ensure your customer the best possible experience

The ShipMatrix Customer Advantage

 ShipMatrix offers the best ability to predict delivery dates and provide delivery times

ShipMatrix is the media resource for OTP during the Christmas shopping season

Direct access to executives at FedEx, DHL, UPS, USPS, TNT, and regional carriers around the globe for API support

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