Why ShipMatrix Distribution Service?

The Covid-19 pandemic has permanently altered buying behavior of millions of consumers and that has created urgency among retailers to modify their supply chain.

Then, the explosive growth in parcel volume, which exceeded 3 billion parcels during the peak period of 2020, has caused capacity constraints for the global parcel carriers and even the U.S. Postal Service. It is pushing many retailers to seek alternative methods to secure efficient, cost-effective, and dependable services for transportation of their products to stores and/or directly to consumers.

Since ShipMatrix has been helping hundreds of shippers for over 2 decades with visibility, analytics, rate verification, and customer communications on delivery status, it has now responded to their needs and requests for help with distribution options while the industry capacity is short of the demand.

ShipMatrix Partnered Carriers

The key attributes of the service include:

Streamlined and customized transit time designed to meet each retailer’s unique requirements for stocking merchandise in the stores for the heaviest shopping days.

Facilitate online sales with shipping directly from the store for faster delivery service, lower cost, and maximizing the presence of brick and motor stores in local communities.

Provide for the most convenient option preferred by the consumer for returns and thereby encourage more shopping online

Simplified pricing that provides greater predictability for shipping spend and avoids the need for verification of billing accuracy

Ensure being able to support the spike in peak season if precluded from tendering extra volume to the national carriers

Direct support of this service with ShipMatrix applications that provides complete visibility, online tracking, service performance results, online invoicing and automated GL coding, and much more.

Ability to manage the surge in peak season in 2021 without having to scramble at the last minute