Reduce annual shipping costs by up to 20% with greater shipment visibility. Take control of your shipping operation, and the carrier negotiations, while generating new opportunities for customer engagement.

ShipMatrix Enterprise was designed to give mid-sized to large shippers, with one or more points of origin, the deep insights needed to reduce annual parcel spend by up to 20% while cultivating better carrier relationships.

Delivered as an in-house desktop application, ShipMatrix Enterprise enables you to measure key performance indicators across all major parcel and LTL carriers.  These insights can be used to measure internal performance on service selection, manifest errors, address corrections, and more.

Much more than a refund-processing program, Enterprise quantifies wasteful spending and allows you to measure performance over time, across facilities, cost centers, etc. Enterprise is ideal for those organizations requiring total control over proprietary customer databases and/or negotiated contract rate information.

Over 20 core reports, including:

On-Time performance report

Eligible refund report

Billed, not shipped report

Lost package report

Delivery exceptions report

Overdue delivery report

Eliminate Wasteful Spending

ShipMatrix Enterprise simplifies the process of aggregating all of your shipping data from across multiple points of origin.  Gain immediate access to comprehensive deep data analytics, run on your desired frequency to identify packages delivered late, lost, or are incorrectly billed.

Reduce Shipping Costs
on-time performance

Actively Monitor On-time Performance

Enterprise offers enhanced levels of shipment visibility, simplifying the process of tracking packages, and monitoring delivery dates and delivery confirmations. This high level of transparency enables you to be much more proactive in managing on-time performance and allows you to intervene on time-sensitive shipments. Over time, Enterprise builds a comprehensive data warehouse, enabling you to independently benchmark domestic parcel carrier service performance.

Leverage Invoice Data

Take the mystery out of your Invoice Analysis. Carrier specific invoice readers make it easy to read and settle your parcel carrier invoices in half the time while enhancing your ability to manage costs. Developed by parcel industry experts, ShipMatrix’s Invoice Readers empower you to manage invoices more effectively than standard methods.  Our system seamlessly reviews, imports, and verifies electronic invoices from all major carriers.

  • Import Electronic Invoices
  • Print out your bill with Total Amount Due
  • Create an EDI remittance file
  • Perform Comprehensive Reporting
  • Reconcile Refund Claims
  • Assign general ledger coding
  • Perform Cost Allocation
  • Perform Carrier Contract Rate Management & Validation
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Enhance Carrier Negotiations

By aggregating and analyzing comprehensive shipping data, you are in a better position to negotiate with carriers. Retrospective analysis of carrier performance by locale, performance within service commitment levels, and rate adherence will prove invaluable when sitting across the table from the carrier.

ShipMatrix Enterprise puts the power of shipment visibility into your hands. You can use key performance insights, such as visibility into accessorial charges, to assign carriers to specific regions based on the optimal blend of cost and on-time performance.

Exceed Customer Expectations

With Enterprise on your side, you can turn shipment visibility into an effective post-sale customer engagement tool. The stratification of packages by delivery status enables you to proactively notify customers of potential delivery delays, leading to improved customer experience. This is especially meaningful to those shipping time-sensitive materials where even the slightest delay could be costly.

To facilitate customer engagement, ShipMatrix offers a free parcel tracking app that can be incorporated into your notification process.

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Late Package Delivery Alerts

Key Features


Capable of analyzing all your shipping data—UPS, FDX, DHL & USPS.  Easily compare carriers to optimize performance.

Negotiation Support

Visibility to all accessorial charges and package types to assist you in carrier negotiations.

Robust Reporting

Specialized reporting to identify one-time and persistent problems, and take corrective action.

Service Level Optimization

Service selection visibility allows you to identify lower-cost service levels while maintaining delivery standards.

Automatic GL Coding

Automated general ledger coding reduces staff time and expense.

Charge Transparency

Visibility into Charges by Cost Center, Facility, or Account Number to identify problem areas.