Gain instant visibility into the performance of your shipping operation, identifying opportunities to reduce costs and improve customer service.

MyShipMatrix™ is a turnkey, cloud-based shipment visibility platform that simplifies the process of reading and reviewing electronic invoices, helping you reduce your annual shipping spend by up to 20%.

MyShipMatrix hosts, monitors and maintains historical shipping data on a secured server. From a simple Internet browser, gain a real-time view of your cost and customer service performance metrics through our comprehensive list of reports. With minimal effort, easily maintain internal benchmarking and measure carrier performance.

Monitor Carrier Performance. Anywhere, Anytime.

Improve Spend Management

By aggregating and analyzing comprehensive shipping data, you are in a better position to negotiate with carriers. Comprehensive retrospective analysis of carrier performance by locale, performance within service commitment levels, and rate adherence will prove invaluable when sitting across the table from the carrier.

Deep Data Analytics

With over 400 pre-built reports, MyShipMatrix offers parcel shippers unparalleled insights into their shipping operation and the performance of their carriers.

Safeguarding your Data

The key insights delivered from our products and services are transforming the parcel and LTL industry. Critical to our success is providing a safe and trustworthy place for your proprietary shipping data. Protecting your data is our top priority. Multi-level row-level security and account-based logins protect your sensitive data while you access your reports from your web browser.

Key Features


Capable of analyzing all your shipping data—UPS, FDX, DHL & USPS.  Easily compare carriers to optimize performance.

Negotiation Support

Visibility to all accessorial charges and package types to assist you in carrier negotiations.

Robust Reporting

Specialized reporting to identify one-time and persistent problems, and take corrective action.

Service Level Optimization

Service selection visibility allows you to identify lower-cost service levels while maintaining delivery standards.

Automatic GL Coding

Automated general ledger coding reduces staff time and expense.

Charge Transparency

Visibility into Charges by Cost Center, Facility, or Account Number to identify problem areas.