10 Cost-Saving Strategies for Parcel Shippers

  1. Negotiate with carriers: Try to negotiate shipping rates with carriers and take advantage of volume discounts or other savings opportunities.

  2. Choose the right shipping method: Select the shipping method that best fits the specific needs of each shipment. For example, ground shipping may be less expensive for heavy or bulky items, while air shipping may be more appropriate for smaller, time-sensitive packages.
  3. Use packaging efficiently: Proper packaging can help reduce shipping costs by minimizing the weight and size of packages, while also protecting the contents during transit.
  4. Optimize shipping routes: Use shipping software to determine the most efficient shipping routes and identify opportunities to consolidate shipments or use intermodal transportation.
  5. Take advantage of technology: Use technology, such as shipping software and shipping labels, to streamline the shipping process and reduce manual labor costs.
  6. Implement dimensional weight pricing: Dimensional weight pricing takes into account both the size and weight of a package, so be sure to optimize your packaging to reduce dimensional weight.
  7. Leverage shipping data: Analyze shipping data to identify patterns and opportunities for cost savings, such as shipping to certain regions during slow times or finding ways to reduce transit time.
  8. Manage returns effectively: Implement a process for managing returns efficiently, such as using pre-printed return labels or offering store credits instead of refunds.
  9. Take advantage of special services: Consider special services, such as guaranteed delivery or special handling, only when they are necessary, as these can add to shipping costs.
  10. Partner with a third-party logistics provider: Partnering with a third-party logistics provider can help reduce shipping costs by leveraging their bulk shipping discounts, optimized routing, and technology.
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