The “Radiologist” Approach to Analyzing Supply Chains

In today's world, data is King. For shippers, gaining a comprehensive understanding of their operations at every stage is crucial. However, relying solely on data has its limitations. To extract valuable insights, big-picture thinking and experience are essential. Let's delve into how shippers can benefit from expert guidance.

An astute shipper armed with data can readily spot trends and address potential issues. For example, by analyzing shipment data, a shipper may discover a recurring problem of late arrivals. This enables them to investigate root causes such as customs delays or carrier issues, and take strategic actions to rectify the problem, ultimately enhancing shipping performance.

Big-picture thinking empowers shippers to harness the power of predictive analytics. By analyzing historical data, shippers can anticipate future trends, informing decisions on inventory levels, pricing, and more. This proactive approach can boost the bottom line and keep shippers ahead of their competition.

In today's intricate shipping landscape, staying updated with industry trends and best practices can be challenging. This is where a shipping consultant can prove invaluable. Shipping consultants offer a range of benefits, including but not limited to:

  1. Enhanced Data Understanding: A shipping consultant helps shippers gain a deeper understanding of their data, unlocking its full potential.
  2. Trend Identification and Problem-Solving: By leveraging their expertise, shipping consultants aid in identifying trends and resolving challenges, enabling shippers to make informed decisions.
  3. Strategic Decision-Making: Armed with a big-picture perspective, a shipping consultant assists shippers in formulating effective strategies that align with long-term goals.

At ShipMatrix, we have been revolutionizing the industry for over two decades. Our comprehensive solutions enable shippers to gain a holistic view of their operations and enhance shipping performance through:

Comprehensive Data Platform

 ShipMatrix offers shippers access to extensive data, including shipment tracking, carrier performance, and market trends. This valuable information allows shippers to identify and address bottlenecks, make better decisions, and achieve optimal shipping performance.

Expert Shipping Consultants

 ShipMatrix complements its data platform with a team of experienced shipping consultants who provide invaluable guidance. Their profound industry knowledge allows them to offer a big-picture perspective, empowering shippers with comprehensive insights and strategies to succeed.

Here is an Example: An individual placed an online order expecting delivery within 2-3 business days. However, to their frustration, the package takes a whopping 23 days to arrive. The tracking information reveals a baffling sequence of scans, with the package bouncing back and forth. It turns out the package had been mistakenly double-labeled. Despite numerous customer service phone calls and failed attempts to resolve the issue, the problem persists. Finally, the client requests that the ShipMatrix team take a look at the tracking results.

Based on their expertise, the ShipMatrix team advises the client to go online and submit an address change for the shipment. To the client's amazement, within two days of this submission, the package is at their doorstep. Upon examination, there is no evidence of a second label, and the physical label displays the correct address. The root cause of the issue was that the electronic data had an incorrect zip code stored.

According to a study by the Aberdeen Group, shippers utilizing shipping consultants witness an average improvement of 15% in their shipping performance. Furthermore, these shippers are more likely to achieve their shipping goals and enhance customer satisfaction, underscoring the importance of big-picture thinking and the role of shipping consultants.

In the ever-evolving shipping industry, big-picture thinking and experience are paramount. By combining the power of data with the guidance of shipping consultants, shippers can gain a deeper understanding of their operations and make informed decisions that drive optimal performance. Embracing this approach is crucial for shippers seeking sustainable success in the modern shipping landscape.

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